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Thursday October 22, 3PM Paris/France. (Webinar link)

Simon Robillard (IMT Atlantique, France)

Verified and Efficient Reconfiguration of Component-Based Systems (Slides)

A key feature of the cloud architecture is the ability of its components to react to a changing environment, for example restoring the system to a working state after a hardware failure, updating software or adapting computing resources to load conditions. To minimize service interruption, these reconfigurations should be fast, and more importantly, error-free. However performance typically requires parallelism, leading to non-trivial reconfiguration programs that can be difficult to verify. This talk will present Concerto, a model for reconfigurations in component-based systems that promotes performance through structured parallelism. Then the talk will introduce ongoing work on verification techniques for Concerto, based on a representation of reconfiguration programs as ordering problems in first-order logic, for use with automated reasoning tools such as SMT solvers.

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Adnane Saoud (University of California Santa Cruz, California, USA)



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