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Jeudi 13 décembre, 14h en salle Aurigny

Hélène Coullon (IMT Atlantique)

Toward efficient and safe deployment and reconfiguration of distributed software

With the emergence of large-scale virtualized distributed infrastructures, such as Cloud, Fog and Edge computing, for instance, the automation of the deployment of distributed software is of great importance for IT administrators and developers. While many production tools already help developers automate their deployment tasks, academic research is interested in safe and verified modeling to ensure the correct behavior of a software configuration or reconfiguration. In this talk I will present Madeus, a formal component model for the deployment of distributed software that enhances the efficiency of deployment. Madeus puts forward more concurrency than other deployment models. This implies a greater complexity and a greater propensity for error. Hence, I will also introduce ongoing work regarding the verification of properties on Madeus deployments by model checking. Finally, I will rapidly present ongoing work regarding the extension of Madeus to dynamic software reconfiguration.

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Jeudi 20 décembre novembre, 14h en salle Minquiers

Oscar Luis Vera Pérez (Diverse)

Finding the worst tested methods in a test suite

Pseudo-tested methods are those whose body can be completely removed and yet a test suite is not able to detect the transformation. They are arguably the worst tested methods in a code base and they can be found even in well tested projects. In this presentation we explore how to automatically find these methods and confirm their presence in real open source projects. We also present a set of examples and a discussion about the relevance of these methods for software developers.

Jeudi 31 janvier, 14h en salle Minquiers

Naijun Zhan, Chinese Academy of Science



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