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Jeudi 27 juin, 14h00 en salle Aurigny

Djamel Eddine Khelladi

Handling the co-evolution in modeling languages.

Modeling languages are widely adopted nowadays. Metamodels (i.e., language specifications) play a significant role when building a modeling language and its toolings. In fact, metamodels are the foundation for the instantiation of the models, but also to specify constraints (language properties), transformation scripts (model-to-model or model-to-text), and for code generation of a core API. The latter is further enriched by developers with additional code implementing advanced functionalities (language services, tooling, etc.). When a modeling language is evolved to the next released version, the metamodels are evolved as well. As a result, all dependent artifacts (models, constraints, transformations, code) may be impacted and thus may need to be co-evolved accordingly. This talk will highlight the existing challenges around co-evolution and present some of our contributions in this field.

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